Visiting the forest tower and the deer park near Copenhagen, Denmark

Are you staying in Copenhagen and looking to get away from the city? Although Copenhagen is a great city to bike and walk around in with beautiful parks, we recently spent a day in two locations not too far from Copenhagen where you will get more than your fair share of nature! They are two very different locations: a forest tower and a deer park!

(For exact locations, there’s a map at the bottom of the page)

The forest tower at Camp adventure near Rønnede

As you drive south from Copenhagen past the town of Køge, you will soon be able to spot a very peculiar tower rising above the tree tops. The Camp Adventure introduced their 45 meter high forest tower in 2019, and it is a magnificent structure made of wood and steel. The camp also has a climbing park which you walk through on your way to the tower. The view from the top is amazing and you can see very far on a clear day (luckily Denmark is a very flat country).

Our visit took about 2 hours, and the walk to and from the tower maybe 20 minutes each. We took our time walking through the beech and oak forest and spent a lot of time on the top floor of the tower admiring the view and taking lots of photos. The walk there is easy and there are no stairs going up, only a gentle circular slope that goes up, up, up! The tower is located on the Gisselfeld grounds and the woods are really nice to walk through.

What you will probably not experience is solitude! This is a very popular place that even has made Time magazine’s list of the world’s greatest places to visit in 2019. We certainly weren’t alone on the sunny Saturday we went, so buy your tickets online and maybe go on a weekday.

  • Where is it? Close to Rönnede, to the south of Copenhagen, about an hour’s drive
  • What does it cost? Entry to the forest tower is 150 DKK onsite, 125 DKK if you buy in advance online. Parking is 50 DKK.
  • Where can I find more info? Camp Adventure
  • Can I eat there? Yes, in the main reception area before you start the walk towards the forest tower. We saw a food truck and a coffee stand but didn’t try them. There was also a coffee stand at the tower site.
  • Is it accessible? Yes, the wooded walkway was elevated and in very good shape. It is a 3,2 kilometer round walk including the tower. The walkway up the tower has an elevation of 7,5 % according to the website.

The deer park near Klampenborg

A short drive north, or a short train ride, from Copenhagen is Klampenborg where the beautiful deer park Dyrehaven starts and goes north. It is a huge area with lots of fields, forests, lakes and of course deers! There are around 2000 deers in the park and you would be very unlucky not to see lots of them.

We started our visit a bit north from Klampenborg at the Hjortekær Port where there was plenty of free parking. From the entrance gate to the park, there is a very straight pathway (no cars allowed!) where you see the the Hermitage Hunting Lodge at the end of the road. It’s more like a castle really, very pretty!

As we walked slowly along the pathway, we saw a couple of deer stags in the distance across the fields. Actually, they walked right across the golf course that runs next to the path. There weren’t that many golfers though, more photographers and deers! Anyway, a few minutes later, we walked up a small hill and then saw a huge field full of deers! They were grazing and relaxing, although the stags keep a very close eye on anyone who tries to get close to the herds. The deers keep their distance and so should you for the sake of the animals (and your own safety of course).

As the sun set over the fields, we made our way back to the car the same way we came. You can also choose other circular paths, or walk across the park from north/south and take the train from the stations of Sandsborg and Klampenborg.

We visited in early October, but I can imagine the park would be great on a summer day for picnics and sunbathing!

  • Where is it? Close to Copenhagen, between north of Klampenborg
  • What does it cost? Nothing!
  • Where can I find more info? Visit Copenhagen
  • Can I eat there? Well, not where we were but there seems to be restaurants nearby, for example in Raadvad village.
  • Is it accessible? Yes, the pathway is made of asfalt and in very good shape. The deers should be easy to spot from the pathways so you won’t have to go into the fields if you don’t want to.

Bonus tip if you get hungry: Stacy’s diner in Køge.

Part of our lunch at Stacy’s diner – come hungry!

The town of Køge is conveniently located between the forest tower site and Copenhagen. It is a very cute town which we drove through on our way to the marina area and the Stacy’s diner that we had our sight set on. What a place! It is a 1950-style diner with great burgers and milkshakes with an amazing ambience. They actually have half an American school bus attached to the building for you to sit in. Be aware that the portions are huge so come hungry and order sides to share. Of course they have beer and wine as well, this is Denmark after all!

More info (website in Danish): Stacy’s diner
The town of Køge (website in English)